Predicate Proposal - Sina Weibo URL

Definition: Sina weibo refers to a broadcast-style social media and network platform based on user relationship information sharing, dissemination and acquisition to share short real-time information through the attention mechanism.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: The Sina Weibo associated with this entity.

Type of value: URL

Inverse Properties and Name: N/A

Examples of proper use:

Examples of improper use:

  • Unofficial or fan weibo

    Wang Shengyi → Sina Weibo → ‘Sina Visitor System is incorrect because it is a fan weibo for the entity.

  • News page

    China Film News → Sina Weibo → Sina Visitor System is incorrect because One is Chinese film news, and the other is Chinese film report. They are totally different companies.

Constraints: Should only be applied to:

  • Company, Organization, Venture capital firm, Person, Product,Educational Institutes,etc.

I think it needs a bit more precision on what is intended to be included in terms of platform and protocol…
The first 4 results I found googling “what is a microblog” all included a Twitter account as a prime example. If that’s intended to be excluded then you should make that clearer.
More recent are feeds based on the ActivityPub protocol used by Mastodon and others.
Another example (old fashioned but rumored to be making a comeback) is a RSS feed.

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Thank you very much for your guidance. Weibo has the proper name WeiBo in China. Please help check whether it is appropriate?

Thanks for clarifying. Some suggestions, and please pardon my ignorance:

  • might be worth stating whether this is only for accounts on the Sina Weibo platform (with URLs starting as opposed to using weibo as a general term for any microblogging platform (e.g. I read Tencent had one). I see the definition says “entities may change weibo platforms” so what would distinguish a weibo platform from any other microblogging technology e.g. could people use a mastodon address? If more general, it would be useful to have at least one example that is NOT platform
  • for consistency of naming with our other predicates such as Twitter URL and Facebook URL, this might be better called Weibo URL (adding URL; also all our predicate words start with a capital)
  • I’m not sure it’s useful to have “official” in the predicate name - this can be made clear in the definition, and we don’t have “Official” in the names of our other social media predicates
  • I think the examples should spell out the full URLs - since when the markdown is rendered several different links all end up displayed as “Sina Visitor System”
  • looking at the details of the example URLs, some have www and some have /u/ - is that inconsistency deliberate?
  • if the official weibo is “usually authenticated by real name” is it possible to have one for a specific Product?
  • Could the predicate also apply to Educational Institutes?



Yes, this is my first submission of predicate. There are many rules I don’t understand. Thank you very much for your guidance

According to the teacher’s opinion, I made the following adjustments:

    1. The title is changed to: Sina Weibo URL, which is easy to handle Top1/2/3 Issue, and the content is adjusted accordingly, with detailed definition
    1. Referring to the definition of other predicates, I think the official is not important, so I delete it
    1. I copy and paste the URL link directly. I don’t know why it automatically changes to Sina Visit System. How to solve this problem? The details are as follows:

    Times Boys → Sina Weibo → Sina Visitor System
    Calcium milk Xiaodu → Sina Weibo → Sina Visitor System
    Wang Shengyi → Sina Weibo → ‘Sina Visitor System is incorrect because it is a fan weibo for the entity.

    1. Educational Institutes are applicable to predicates. Good idea, I should add etc.

Hey @Yog2021_Jiang, that’s a good suggestion, as far as Im concerned, Weibo is really popular in China. Just one thing I would like to warn u about, atm Golden supports English language content. It seems that Weibo does not have an English version. In this regard, the Golden team might decided to postpone voting on your proposal.

@Ras Roger,But Use Google Browser to translate into English
I believe that the definition of predicate has no national boundaries

@rivettp Hi,Teacher ,How do I edit to correctly display the Link of SIna Weibo?

To avoid it being resolved you mark it up like “code” - you surround the URL in backward single quotes like this: The character on my keyboard is on the same key as the ~, under the ESC key. Or you can copy and paste what I just wrote.


It can no longer be edited,Try here
But It not work:~ disadvantage of platform not being able to take screenshots
(edited by Pete to use backward quotes not regular quotes)

See my edit - you need to use the backward quote character - on same key as ~ on my keyboard - as admin I edited your last message to demonstrate

@Yog2021_Jiang we’re moving to a policy of using IDs rather than URLs. Are you able to please update your proposal?

@Yog2021_Jiang - I agree with @rivettp that it’s best to capture each entity’s ID instead of a URL; that’s what we’re moving to across Golden soon.

This would mean the proposal should be:
Type of value: text
URL Format:{ID}

And it would capture

  • Times Boys → Sina Weibo → 6620842908

And not capture:

  • Times Boys → Sina Weibo →

If you’re able to rewrite this proposal to incorporate this shift (including the examples), I think we can get this to voting.

This provides helpful information on how to correctly use and apply a Sina Weibo URL to ensure accurate and appropriate representation of entities on the social media platform