Predicate Proposal - TripAdvisor Profile

Field Name: TripAdvisor Profile

Definition: TripAdvisor is an online travel information and booking website that has reviews, photographs, and informative forums about various hotels, restaurants, resorts and activities all over the world. There are currently 1 billion + profiles on Tripadvisor.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: The Tripadvisor profile associated with an entity.

Type of value: “url”

#of accepted values: single

Citation Required?: no

Examples of proper use:

Restaurant Aquavit → ‘Tripadvisor Profile’ →

Hotel Edison → ‘Tripadvisor Profile’ →

Examples of improper use:

Hilton → ‘Tripadvisor Profile’ →

This is an incorrect use of the predicate, because the subject here is the Hilton company and the Url leads to a particular Hilton Hotel situated in New York.

Usage in other schemas: N/A

Constraints: Only applies when Subject has the “Is a” value “Company”, “Event”, “Location”, “Organization”.

Proposal looks great.

My one concern about adding this is that TripAdvisor (as well as other travel review platforms) has had some issues with fake reviews. I think they have taken some measures to removed these, but not totally sure about the reliability of their data. Do you have any thoughts or knowledge about that?

Hey! Thanks for your feedback! They had some problems with fake account indeed and I am afraid it is not possible to make a fake prevention mechanism that would 100% filter the content before publishing. However, as far as I know they usually monitor reviews and quite quickly remove any fake accounts and reviews, at least that’s what I read while creating this proposal.

@Ras Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I think that might be the case as well for TripAdvisor. I worked on a project related to travel and restaurant about 3 years back, and of the various travel review sites TripAdvisor was the most reliable but just haven’t followed how they have been doing since, so thanks for the research!

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