Predicate Proposal - UKSIC Code

Field Name: UKSIC Code

Definition: UKSIC Code is the five-digit classification number associated with The United Kingdom Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) of Activities, a framework for collecting and presenting statistical data according to economic activity. A company may have multiple UKSIC Codes.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: The United Kingdom Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code

Type of value (one of the following): text

Number of accepted values (one of the following): multiple

Constraints: Applies when subject “is a” = “Company” or “Organization”

Citation Required?: yes

Examples of proper use:

  • Aistech Space UK Ltd’ ‘UKSIC Code’ is ‘61300’ - Citation:

Examples of improper use:

  • Aistech Space UK Ltd’ ‘UKSIC Code’ is ‘12192170’ is incorrect because this is the Company number for the entity.

Usage in other schemas: n/a

There are several industry classification schemes: the EU has NACE Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community - Wikipedia and the UN has ISIC International Standard Industrial Classification - Wikipedia and there’s GICS for investment/ESG purposes Global Industry Classification Standard - Wikipedia and the insurance industry has several including Commercial General Liability codes - and there are mappings between them.
I’m planning to propose an approach that will provide support for the different schemes, treated as hierarchies, with mappings between them, and integration with the Industry entities we also have.

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