Predicate Proposal - UpWork

Hi all. More and more often I find that people working in development and crypto have their own profile on

I suggest that we consider adding the UpWork site to Person so that when you find a developer/designer’s page you can easily assess his experience and know the approximate cost of his work. It would be convenient for both employers and ordinary users.

Upwork is a company that offers a global job search platform and a range of software products for employers who want to hire and collaborate with remote workers

Field Name : UpWork URL

Tooltip definition of the predicate: The official UpWork URL associated with this person.

Type of value: URL

# of accepted values: Single

Citation Required? No

Examples of proper use:

  • Cory Lindholm → Official UpWork URL → UpWork

Constraints: Should only be applied to: Person


Hey! Thanks for the proposal! It looks interesting at first glance. However I would like to ask some questions:

  1. Could you please provide data on how many Upwork accounts are currently registered? I would be good to understand the approximate number of predicates to be added to Golden.
  2. Could u please provide some more examples on the proper use, coz Cory Lindholm does not have his own page on Golden (or at least there is no link to that)
  3. It would be helpful to look at some examples of improper use as well.
  4. Tbh I am not a user of Upwork, so it is difficult for me to judge about the substance of the proposal, at the same time I slightly worry that Golden could be involved in the had hunters market. On the other hand I might bring some opportunities as well