Predicate Proposal - Venue

Value statement: the ‘venue’ predicate will provide key context for ‘events’ in golden’s graph. A significant part of the identity of many events is tied into their venue. Querying on venues allows new discoverability of events in places where the existing ‘location’ or ‘full address’ predicates would not function.

Definition: “The physical venue of an event is the primary and most specific location (specified by geography or associated landmark) where the majority of this event is held. A singular event may have multiple venues.”

Tooltip definition of the predicate: “Location or place used for an event.”

Type of value: entity

For enums - all possible values: N/A

# of accepted values: multiple

Examples of proper use:

  • ‘Super bowl 2022’ ‘venue’ is ‘Sofi Stadium’ - this is an accurate and specific representation of the where the Super bowl 2022 event will be held

Examples of improper use:

  • ‘Super bowl 2022’ ‘venue’ is ‘United States’ - this location is far too vague to function as the venue of the Super Bowl event.

Usage in other schemas:

Constraints: Only accepts organizations

Citation Required?: yes

Also known as: participant in

Estimated frequency of new values or changes: The venue of an event is often planned in advance, and once the event happens the venue associated with that event is durable.

We may want to provide and example where the geographical location is the most specific representation of the venue. Ex. Treasure Island Music Festival, is held in an open area near an intersection on the island that is part of San Francisco, in which case I believe the most appropriate venue might be: Treasure Island, San Francisco - Wiki | Golden

Outdoor events in general may present the most challenges, though I think for many an entity for a park or other outdoor landmark could be used.