Problems accessing websites from some IPs


Well, I analyzed my triples uploaded to dapp.

After the start of the anti-Russian sanctions this year, many Russian sites, especially government agencies, blocked access via foreign IP. Previously, these sites could be accessed from any IP, but now most foreign IP sites are inaccessible. It opens only from the Russian IP.

Considering how much data Russian companies and organizations have entered users from the CIS, I think this is a serious problem.

It turns out that the site is valid, but not all users can access it and make sure of it.


The system blocks my examples and block my first Topic. Because you can only attach 1 picture and place only 2 links in the post. That’s why the examples are on the notion.

What do I propose?

I suggest Golden to use an algorithm to check the site from different ipi. If the site is accessible only for ipi of certain countries give the appropriate mark and issue this triple for validation only to users from that region.

This will also be a plus, because sometimes there are difficulties with the language of the site. For example, there are constant difficulties with Asian countries. Have to use translators to understand at least approximately about this site or not. And I’m almost always unsure of the correct validation of any Asian site.