Proposal "Exclusion of fake accounts"

Due to the large growth of registered fake accounts in order to get 500 starting points.

I propose to make a limit on the number of participants participating in the distribution of 1% airdrop.

Offer value:

1.Exclude fake accounts;
2.Increase the value of the project by adding triplets.

Distribute 1% of the airdrop among participants with more than 20,000 points. Thus, 500 points accrued upon registration will amount to 2.5% of the total number of points 20,000 points.

20,000 points consists of approximately 2,000 triplets at the rate of 1 triplet = 10 points.

I ask you to support this proposal by honestly working participants and who have spent a long time on the development of the Golden project.


I agree. Need to set up a treshold for receiving the airdrop. 5000-10000 points seems reasonable


I support this initiative, however, it is necessary to distinguish between fake accounts and accounts of ordinary users who did not want able to work out 2 thousand triples, it may make sense to divide the level of contribution into levels, limiting the upper and lower thresholds to a certain number of points and then dividing the total pool for testers in different proportions at different levels.

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Adding points should be just through adding triplets. Or there will be a scoring of points during validation in a few hours, with a low level of accuracy.

Great idea, this should be done immediately, or the second option is to remove those bonus 500 points!

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Hey guys! I fully support your point that fake accounts should not receive any rewards. At the same time, I cannot support introducing a 20 000 points threshold or any other threshold in general. The reason behind it is that I strongly believe that all users acting in a good faith should receive their portion of rewards, no matter how big or small their contribution is. All time and efforts spent should be rewarded, otherwise it would be unfair.
In this regard I would opt for the suggestion of @bezya. Let’s just remove 500 sign-up points, thus making the fake accounts creation meaningless.


Lot of people just add and remove stuff but with such a huge database

If we introduce strict thresholds now → sybillors will just adjust

They will not adjust, as they will need to collect the initial data, fill the database. Multi-accounts will not be profitable to do.

you should admit that getting totally rid of sybillors is impossibe so the goal is to find a golden middleground for a healthy distribution of tokens

with this poroposal thhere will be several hundred people who got earliest\have most tech skills will be rewarded which is against the ethos of web3

There are no restrictions on remuneration; this should be considered as the rank of the participant’s reliability.

For many, sending 2000 triples is too much of a burden.


2000 triplets is 2 days of work. 20,000 triplets will show the participants serious intentions to continue working. Also, the participant will cherish the loss and will do the job honestly.

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This requires verifying the triplet of 15000+, which I don’t think is a good idea,

When it is very easy to create an account and the participant saves it and does not bring value to the project, then it is difficult. And the number of fake data will grow.

Agree to cancel 500 base test points when airdropping, but disagree to set the threshold of airdrop points.

Disagree, 20000 points are too large and only a few people meet the requirement.

Maybe 2000 is better.

@jed Can this be up for a vote judging by the number of likes, views and approvals this has been on the Top Golden Protocol - Golden Community Golden Protocol for months now.

So the voting mechanism is only used for predicate proposals and similar data schema proposals right now.

I understand the frustration here and I think the best thing to make clear is that what everyone at Golden is working toward is developing the healthiest marketplace and ecosystem possible.

All the announcements around this can be found on Discord where the whole community can see them as they’re rolled out.

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