Proposal for importing only actual triples

Another problem I noticed analyzing the validation of my triples.

Dapp loads irrelevant triples.

For example, a person fills in the wrong triplet. He submits the changes. But afterward, he notices that the triple is incorrect. He goes back, edits, and corrects it by deleting, changing, or putting it in the correct field. And then publishes it again. Both of them, correct and incorrect triples will be loaded into the validation. On validation, he gets -6 points for the wrong triplet and +6 points for the correct one. The end result is 0. Although only the correct triplet remains in the entity.

Please upload, only the last triplets in the dapp. Add the check for the actual triplets before importing.

My example №1:

Here it is interesting that there are even 2 identical incorrect triples. I have no idea why that is.

My example №2:

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Investigating the issue you point out in 1/

On 2, we automatically migrate certain values added to the ‘website URL’ predicate to their appropriate predicate based on the pattern in the URL. A linkedin URL should not be added to the ‘website URL’ predicate but instead to the ‘Linkedin’ predicate

I think it’s important to remember here that when any user submits a triple in the future, it’ll be on-chain and staked. Fundamentally if you submit incorrect data, you’re going to get penalized for it, so be careful before you submit anything.

That said, as long as users largely submit good/valid data, any penalties from an occasional bad triple submitted shouldn’t feel too severe.

On 2, yes, I know that you will move the triplets from the URL to the correct corrent predicates, but here I edited them by myself. I removed Linkedin from the website URL and specified in Linkedin URL. But the wrong triplet Linkedin link in the website URL is still there.

I understand your position. I suggest you look at the example of editing triples via a table. In a table, it’s easy to missclick, paste an object into the wrong field, accidentally add an extra symbol to a link, etc. Also, while in a typical entity edit you can look at the final changes before accepting them, in a table you can’t. Your changes are sent instantly.

In that case, I suggest this solution: Make a delay the final import of the triplet into the system. For example, I added a link, made a mistake, corrected the mistake within 5 mins and only the last version of the triple was sent.

It will also decrease the known false unnecessary triplets loaded into the dapp.