Qualification of Validators

Before the start of the validation, all participants who applied for the “Validator”.

Pass a test of 100 - 300 questions, tests must be multiple choice!

Variants of questions should be given out randomly from a block of 2000-3000 questions in order to exclude the “game mechanics” of searching for the correct answers!

Do not show correct answers.

The lower threshold for the accuracy of answers is 90%


Hi! While a certain procedure for validating good faith validators is certainly needed, Im not sure that 100-300 questions is a good way out, I mean that is too much and could demotivate new users. Like atm new users should validate lots of GTT before they proceed to real triples and start getting points. I have seen numerous complaints in Discord in this respect. So, I would suggest making a trial period with a progressive decrease of GTT for new users. For example,

  1. First 10 validations - 100% GTT - 100% accuracy required
  2. Second 10 validations - 90% GTT - 99% accuracy required
  3. Third 10 validations - 80% GTT - 98%
    etc, until the % of GTT get to the level of a good faith validator.

Yes, an interesting idea. What percentage should a conscientious Gtt validator achieve? 1-2%? What do you think of it?

U mean in the end? Oh, that’s not an easy question, Imho the level could be around 5%, but it could depend of the total accuracy, for example 5% for accuracy 85-90% and progressively decreasing, let’s say for accuracy 95%+ would be 1%, could be 0% for 100% :smiley:

Could you write more detailed mechanics?

I think the difficulty should be gradually increased, the first 50 questions if the correct answer rate of 90% or more, then pass directly, if after 50 questions, still not pass the quiz, then increase the correct rate requirements, such as 1% for every 10 questions, so that also prevent unserious validators, bot or unfamiliar novices interfere with the consensus. This requires that it is best to give enough hints during the test, although they are given in detail in the documentation.

And I suggest adding other languages to the validation documentation to prevent any newbies from not reading the documentation and operating directly.

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The introduction of speed on the answer is a good point!

This is not much debatable, all information is in English and the participant must speak it at least at the level of reading the document. When other languages ​​are allowed, this will be relevant.

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