Сreating referral links

Make it possible to create referral links, affiliate programs with rewards from attracted participants. The community will be interested in creating articles and videos and providing information awareness about the Golden project

This is interesting. Where are you most keen to share a referral link?

Most users will use the website https://medium.com/

  • Youtube

If you don’t want to destroy the project, don’t do any referral programs, NO, with all due respect, there are bad examples in the past. It costs nothing to spawn accounts, believe me it will not end well.

The goal is to increase the number of validators and authors adding triplets, not just creating accounts. Accordingly, people will promote the project to the masses. The reward will be from the number of added triples of new members, and not from the Golden treasury.

Before thinking about a referral program, you need to resolve the issue with bots in the system. Can you imagine what will happen when bots have their own referral links and get extra points for it?

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This can be done of course, but not for validation.


completely agree with you!

Yes this is a good point. Foundational protocol mechanics to quickly kick out bad actors will be a necessary prerequisite.

Not much mechanics described here at the link Introducing a referral programme - #3 by lavvpix

I agree. We need valuable validators or contributors. Just having referral will attract lot of spam than real support. I believe good things take lot of time to build and naturally sometimes. Or else there will be lot of hype and it dies like other projects

Well, the idea is good, as it always works, but at the same time i absolutely agree with guys concerning about bad actors. If you can set the bar high enough in terms of the number or accuracy of triples filling or validation, which will clearly show that this is another really interested participant in the testnet, and only after all this count him as a referral - this can help.