Сreation of the entity: "Lenders"

Value statement: The amount of the loan and the name of the lenders will allow you to assess the financial stability of the company, the development of the company.

What is this entity?: “Lenders”
related to entities: “Person” / “Organization”
Add a new field to the entity:
Deal Status: “Active/Closed”
loan start date: “Date”
Credit term: “Date loan start date” - “End date of the loan issued by the lender”
loan maturity date: “Date”

Loan amount: “22 500 000”
Loan currency: "Bank code of the loan currency “USD, GBP, CNY…”
Total Loan amount:** “350 000 000”

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Is there a data set that you’re thinking of that would require this predicate?

Perhaps my biggest concern is that loan data could constantly be changing, and Golden is currently optimized for triples that don’t update often (if at all).

These shifts will be no more frequent than the shifts of the “Internal Partner”)))). This entity will be important for “Organizations”, for “Person” most often it is classified information.

Seems pretty good and useful.