Significance table of triples

Significance table of triples.

Create a so-called “dynamic table of the significance of triples”.

From the discussion on the discord, it was noticed that in the future each triple will have a different significance in itself.

For which a different number of points will be awarded.

How will it look like?
Create levels for each group, for example:

Tier 1 (6 points): “website url”, “linkedin url” etc. (because later they can be used instead of quoting)

Tier 2 (5 points): “twitter url” and “facebook url” etc.

Tier N (2 points): “date of foundation”, “funding round”, “phone number”, “full address” etc.

What is this table for?
To make the addition of triples more transparent and clear, approximately how many points he will receive for adding one or another triple.

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Yes, this is the right decision. But it is also necessary to remove penalties when adding triples. For example, I added a triple with a citation, from the moment the triple is added to the time it is accepted for placing the citation on the site, it can be changed. It was: apple/teams, It became apple/leadership.

Accordingly, the author of the addition will receive a rejection and a fine, but at the same time he honestly added a real triplet.

the proposal is good, I myself would like to see it in action, but people will start making triples that bring the most points, this is a big minus, the rest of the triples that bring less points will practically not be made, it seems to me that this hurts a little, since there should be diversity . But I would not mind if they made such a system, but so that users would not see it before the end of the test net, it would be interesting!)

Well, you are right about something. But if you look at it from the other side, then the triples, for which we will receive the most points, will automatically benefit the project. (I’m talking about url ). The more of them, the better. :upside_down_face:

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