Triplet marking

It is very important for end users to have reliable and up-to-date information.
When using incorrect or inaccurate information, it entails high risks of commercial losses.

Proposal to introduce labeling of triplets on
For example:

  1. Blue - mark triplets that have passed validation;
  2. Yellow - the triplet has not passed validation but has a citation;
  3. Red - the triplet has not passed the validation and has no citation;

Colors can be more friendly))) for example blue, green, yellow.
It is important to allocate data to end users - data consumers.

Also, marking will allow you to use filters in the future to supplement or update information. For example, the deadline for checking “CEO” “Investors” has come up in this way, you can highlight the necessary work to re-check or update the data.

This is absolutely on our roadmap. Right now the triples you see on are different than what’s on the dApp/Protocol - has its own database which is separate to the protocol. We’re working hard on migrating the data schema and the data itself from to the protocol.

A next step will be updating so that it pulls all triples from the protocol (instead of its own database). Once that’s in place we’ll have the support to indicate the validation status of each triple on

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This is good news, I’m very glad that it will be done!