Update on implementation of recent predicates

Hey, everyone. I wanted to give a short update on how we’ve implemented a number of recent predicates. In short, we updated the implementation from a full URL to an ID & url pattern solution.

This means instead of the predicate value being:

the value is instead:
which is paired with the url path https://somewebsite.com/urlpath/{ID}

Why did we do this?
Fundamentally, it’s more sustainable. Organizations can and do change their url structure over time; when this happens for any of these predicates, the ID values that are captured stay the same. (The url path is updated once, and all triple values are automatically updated.)

This is how Wikidata also stores loads of properties (aka predicates), including some of the very predicates we recently implemented.

I do want to apologize for not communicating this with everyone who submitted predicate proposals before implementing them. I should have done this, and will make sure that we don’t change any implementation details from the proposal to what’s created on golden.com and the protocol in the future.

We are still working on fleshing out a system that would take predicate proposals directly as defined to the protocol after on-chain voting. We’ll announce updates here as soon as they’re developed.