Using a predicate "announcement url" as a citation for certain predicates related to funding rounds

I suggest using predicate “announcement url” as a citation for certain predicates related to funding rounds:

  • Funded company

  • Funding Type

  • Date Announced

  • Investment

  • Funding Round Amount

The listed predicates do not necessarily have to be quoted, since information about them is always in “announcement url”. Therefore, they can be imported into the dapp if there is a predicate “announcement url” that acts as a citation.
As an example, I will take the last round of golden financing.

@S_K123 Agree, this is the best source for citations for these funding round fields.
We’ll be adding examples and usage details for all of these existing funding predicates, and will use the announcement URL for citations for these. Thank you!

Hello @jen , May I know why the funding rounds have been imported without “announcement” predicate. I thought you agreed that they would be used as a citation. Now my triples do not have them and, accordingly, will not be added to the queue. Thanks

@S_K123 Just checked with our engineer who is doing these imports and confirmed these are being done in batches and first import is for the predicates listed as Minimum Disambiguation Triples: Golden Dapp
Next the remaining predicates associated with the templates will be imported. So it is coming. Thanks for your patience; as you know we have a lot of data to import so it needs to be done in batches!

Got it, thanks for the quick reply

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Hi again @jen I just noticed that predicate “Investment (Details on investors in a funding round)” hasn’t been added to the schema? is it possible to find out the reason behind this decision? I also noticed that these triples began to be added to the queue and checked. triples without citation are not added to the queue, when the announcement url is imported will citation be added automatically to the triples that I described in this post? Thanks again

@jen Would be great if you could answer. Thanks

@S_K123 Apologies for the delay on this, needed to check with a couple of people here on the current status. As of now we are not adding the Investment predicate to the schema until it has been reworked. In its current state on it relies on a mapping that we do not want to bring over to the protocol schema; instead we plan to use qualifiers on a triple to connect a firm to a funding round.

I do not yet have a timeline for when this will be implemented but will post back if there are updates. Thanks.

Thanks for the explanation. I hope my contributions won’t be lost when this predicate is reworked

@S_K123 No, we don’t want to lose valuable data. The existing data would be moved once the re-mapping takes place. Thank you for your contributions to funding rounds!

Hello @jen any updates? Mainnet is soon and this predicate is still not added to the schema, not even mentioning imported and checked