Using the Genre predicate

As far as I understand, we need more generalized predicates.

According to the description, the “Genre” predicate is used for a artistic composition. But can we use this predicate for computer video games, and also for the all entity - “creative work”? This way we don’t need to add a new genre predicate for video games and for cteative work.

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Would you like to help by putting together a full predicate definition with how you’d like this predicate to work?

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I’ll try. But I need to know. Does the Golden plan to introduce a new type of entity - this is a “genre” (like this is a “creative work”)? Thus, we can only select the genre entity for any topic.


Field Name: Genre

Value statement: This predicate will allow to structure various types of creative works.


Tooltip definition of the predicate: Genre of the creative work / Creative work’s genre.

Type of value (one of the following): entity

# of accepted values (one of the following): multiple

Constraints: Only applies when Subject has the “Is a” value “Genre” (Then we need a new entity - “Genre”?)

Citation Required?: yes

Also known as: music genre, film genre, literary genre, artistic genre, (visual arts genres?)

Examples of proper use:

  • ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ → ‘Genre’ → ‘Fantasy film’

Examples of improper use:

  • ‘{SubjectName}’ ‘[Genre]’ is ‘{ObjectName}’ - reason why this example is an improper use of the predicate

Usage in other schemas:
Wikidata: genre - Wikidata genre - Property

But I have a question for you - can we combine all types of genres into one predicate? I mean literature, painting (or other visual arts), film, music.

@jed What do you think about it?

@jed What do you think about it?

@technopoint2020 Thank you for the proposal for updating the definition! This looks good to me, but the on the Constraints this should applied to “Creative Work” which encompasses the wide variety of types of works you raised in your question.

For the extended (long) definition of the this, was planning to use:

Genre of the book, album, game, or other creative work. Should only be applied to the creative work itself, not the creator of the work or the characters in the work.

And will include in “Examples of improper use” to illustrate this.

Does this make sense to you and answer your questions?