Using the Genre predicate

As far as I understand, we need more generalized predicates.

According to the description, the “Genre” predicate is used for a artistic composition. But can we use this predicate for computer video games, and also for the all entity - “creative work”? This way we don’t need to add a new genre predicate for video games and for cteative work.

Would you like to help by putting together a full predicate definition with how you’d like this predicate to work?

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I’ll try. But I need to know. Does the Golden plan to introduce a new type of entity - this is a “genre” (like this is a “creative work”)? Thus, we can only select the genre entity for any topic.


Field Name: Genre

Value statement: This predicate will allow to structure various types of creative works.


Tooltip definition of the predicate: Genre of the creative work / Creative work’s genre.

Type of value (one of the following): entity

# of accepted values (one of the following): multiple

Constraints: Only applies when Subject has the “Is a” value “Genre” (Then we need a new entity - “Genre”?)

Citation Required?: yes

Also known as: music genre, film genre, literary genre, artistic genre, (visual arts genres?)

Examples of proper use:

  • ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ → ‘Genre’ → ‘Fantasy film’

Examples of improper use:

  • ‘{SubjectName}’ ‘[Genre]’ is ‘{ObjectName}’ - reason why this example is an improper use of the predicate

Usage in other schemas:
Wikidata: genre - Wikidata genre - Property

But I have a question for you - can we combine all types of genres into one predicate? I mean literature, painting (or other visual arts), film, music.