Using twitter for ownership validation

Adding twitter links to user’s profile.

Require users to log-in to their twitter account via golden protocol in order to add twitter links. Twitter is one of the best sources for ownership validation (At lease for Web 2.0) . Adding twitter links to profile will help users evaluate integrity of the golden account.

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I agree with this. Twitter is currently an important credential from web 2 to verify ownership on web3.

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Agreed, onboarding users from twitter will be the best way to grow platform and boost credibility for each account. Influencers / celebrity / thought leaders that build their fame through twitter will be able to carry over to golden.


I think we need multiple validations to avoid Botting and farming rewards. Twitter is one of the best social tools and easy to recognise the people with available tools

Unfortunately, connecting to Twitter will not help with multi-accounting. It is necessary to remove 500 points from users; additionally, at least 1000 triplets must be made and the described system must be adopted here Qualification of Validators

After that, creating even several accounts will not be advisable

The easiest way to exclude multi-accounts that still managed to connect is to minus absolutely 1000-2000 points for all users.