Verifier Controllers

To stimulate participants who detect anti-gaming and verifiers, I propose to make a reward in the amount of 10-20% of the number of points of the blocked verifier. In the event that the participant collects evidence of the use of gaming by the verifier.


Great idea for your idea. A few points that confuse me - now it’s enough just to continue to beat the system and get a lot of points, despite the newly introduced live view/flagging systems. What if the violators deliberately launch even more bots, so that later they are guaranteed to receive 10-20% of the earned points of their accounts?

Also, the team may have some idea, which has not yet been announced, about the reward of such users who help in finding violators.

  1. Other members may report violations earlier and therefore a member who maliciously creates such data may not receive a reward. 2. lower the level of remuneration 1-2%

This requires a lot of work on the part of the project side to verify, and some people reward undifferentiated attacks